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Stainless Specialties, LLC - Welding - Fabrication

Stainless Specialties, LLC provides certified welding & fabrication from light structural to complex pipe assemblies.  Our business is experienced in nuclear and fossil fuel generating stations, industrial pipe systems and all phases of welding & fabrication.

The new fabrication shop is equipped with "state of the art" welding and cutting equipment with a 5 ton overhead crane and a metal shear capable of handling 10 ft x 1/4" thick steel.  Our expert welders can handle close tolerances, compound bends and challenging weld configurations.

Welders are certified in Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and stick welding.  We specialize in stainless steel, aluminum and carbon alloys.

Fabrication techniques include tube bending, plasma and acetylene cutting, machining, sheet metal bending, angle iron bending and pipe threading.

Our Quality Control Program is based on AWS and ANSI standards.  We also provide radiographic exams, black light, bend testing, dye penetration and all NDE requirements.